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Custom Software

Got an unusual problem ?

Need custom software ?

Call us. We'll be happy to discuss your problem and (possibly) offer solutions. We've been writing custom software for manufacturing since 1982 !

We've got a lot of code "on the shelf", which means we're seldom starting from scratch when we write a new application. We're proficient in several programming languages, but we've got more going for us than just programming skills: We know manufacturing.

Got a part with complex geometry? Can't find a CAD/CAM system that will generate the right numbers ? Maybe we can write you a custom application. Call us.

Have an unusual problem that calls for in-process gaging, automatic e-mail messages, machine monitoring, or complex user macros? Send us your ideas and we'll show you how we can help.

Dan Fritz
Suburban Machinery Software, Inc.
(440) 951-8974

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